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Wahid Industries, a giant fan manufacturing corporate company established before partition i.e. in 1945 by the two founding members Mr. Abdul Wahid (Late) & Mr. Ihsan Ullah (Late). Since the beginning, the main focus was to make a remarkable reputation in the local market, thus Wahid Industries introduced a brand name, PAK FANS. The manufacturing range soon was not limited to fans only, but increased drastically as other viable products like washing machines and dryers, enameled copper wire and room air coolers were also started manufacturing under the umbrella of another brand name, PAK HOME APPLIANCES.

Our culture of manufacturing quality products is globally recognized, resultantly increasing our production scale day by day as we are also exporting our quality products to other parts of the globe like the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Our exporting capacity is also acknowledged by the authorities like (FPCCI), and thus, Wahid Industries stands out on top by winning the highest export trophy award from the last 11 years. Indeed, the expertise of our core engineering teams have made it possible to gain us a badge of manufacturing reliable home appliances and we have been awarded with ISO-9002 certificate, the highest international quality award in the year 1999 - 2000

Over the years, Wahid Industries have played an instrumental role in social upliftment and reforms programs. In Gujrat, we are currently running a well-equipped and modern 200-bed Wahid Trust Hospital having state of the art medical facilities and services of top notch medical and paramedics personnel.




Mr. Abdul Wahid (Late) - Founder
Mr. Ihsan Ullah (Late) - Founder

Pak Fans | Wahid Industries Limited

Board of Directors

Mr. Aman Ullah  -  Chief Executive
Mr. Salim Ullah   -  Executive Director
Mr. Shafiq Ullah  -  Executive Director
Mr. Yaser Ihsan  -  Executive Director


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Legal Advisors

Ch. Nisar Ahmad - Advocate, District Court, Gujrat
Ch. Fazal Ellahi - Advocate, District Court, Gujrat


Company Auditors

Ilyas Saeed & Co. Chartered Accountant
A-4, Sea Breeze Homes, Shershah Block, New Garden Town, Lahore


General Manager Investor Grievances and Assisting Services
Muzaffar H. Bhatti