Pak Vision


At Wahid Industries, we aim to design and manufacture fans that meet the diverse needs and preferences of customers. The industry strives to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions to provide comfort and improve indoor air quality. We also aim to introduce innovative technologies that enhance fan performance, reduce energy consumption, and increase durability. Furthermore, PAK FAN endeavors to maintain high standards of quality control to ensure that our manufactured fans meet or exceed regulatory and safety standards. Ultimately, our goal is to provide reliable and effective products that meet the changing needs of customers and enhance their overall experience.


Pak Mission


The mission encompasses a commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices, ensuring that the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Furthermore, Pak Fan aims to build a strong relationship with its customers by providing exceptional service and support, listening to feedback, and continuously improving its products to meet their changing needs. In addition to that, the mission of Pak Fan is to lead the fan industry by delivering superior products and customer satisfaction.